Carbon Fiber from Biomass

Next breakthrough:  carbon fiber from Biomass. En route to a totally sustainable airplane! The Energy Department of the U.S.(DOE) recently announced up to $12 million in funding to advance the production of cost-competitive, high-performance carbon fiber material from renewable non-food-based feedstocks such as agricultural and forestry residues. DalinYebo's insight: We suggest that some of the furfural…Read more Carbon Fiber from Biomass


A new generation of furan resins

Furan resins with a furfuryl alcohol content of over 25 per cent (monomeric) are classified as toxic according to the CLP Regulation, which is in force throughout the European Union. This has significant consequences for warehousing and ... DalinYebo's insight: New generation of furan resins that are non-toxic, have very good molding properties and produce excellent…Read more A new generation of furan resins

3D Sand Printing (Foundry Casting Moulds) Sand printing process uses conventional foundry-grade materials to digitally create moulds & cores for sand casting, without the need for a physical pattern. Furan resins, suited for sand casting foundries, create complex sand cores and moulds directly from CAD data, eliminating the need of a physical pattern to create a core or mould. The…Read more 3D Sand Printing (Foundry Casting Moulds)

Furfuryl Alcohol based Resins for Protective Coatings

Resins from furfuryl alcohol have a lesser environmental impact than phenolic (from coal/oil) resins. Their intrinsic nanomechanical properties are were very similar. An appealing alternative! Abstract Phenolic coatings are usually a convenient and economical way to protect metallic materials against wear and corrosion. Furan resins are analogous to phenolics, as they are obtained by replacing…Read more Furfuryl Alcohol based Resins for Protective Coatings