Bioeconomy: $369bn and 4 Million Jobs Added to US Economy in 2013

Each job in the US bioeconomy adds 1.64 jobs in adjacent sectors. An economic impact analysis of the US biobased products industry showed that in 2013 4 million jobs and  US$369bn were added to US economy. In Africa, we can expect an even higher job creation rate (See: GreenEnergyPark™ biorefinery). The following report was obtained…Read more Bioeconomy: $369bn and 4 Million Jobs Added to US Economy in 2013


Malaysia: The Next Bioplastic Destination?

Malaysia is keen on valorizing its significant volume of palm tree biomass into biobased chemicals and bioplastics. Malaysia reportedly produces  around 80 million tons/year of biomass waste. DalinYebo's insight: We think that furfural and its many by-products could be the first (and easy) step in conditioning the biomass for the production of other bio-renewable chemicals…Read more Malaysia: The Next Bioplastic Destination?

Forecasted Bioplastics Industry Growth

The global bio-plastics industry is expected to witness significant growth and reach an estimated $7.02 billion by 2018 Lucintel, one of the leading global management consulting and market research... DalinYebo's insight: The impact of these trends could see the furfural market grow to twice its current size. For Africa, biomass valorisation means food security and…Read more Forecasted Bioplastics Industry Growth

Bottles From Furfural

Bioplastics BOTTLES FROM FURFURAL Bioplastics PEF (polyethylene furanoate) is an alternate to PET and bio-PET for soft drink bottles, offering enhanced functionalities. Biobased PEF (polyethylene f... DalinYebo's insight: As with most furfural derivatives, the chemistry is not novel: FDCA was first obtained in 1876 and is derived from furoic acid, which was first described in…Read more Bottles From Furfural

Bioplastics are used in an increasing number of markets reports: New bioplastic materials, compounds and master batches are being created daily and an increasing number of production facilities are coming on-stream. The factors driving market development are both internal and external.
 External factors make bioplastics the attractive choice. This is reflected in the high rate of consumer acceptance. Moreover, the extensively publicised effects…Read more Bioplastics are used in an increasing number of markets