Biomasa, bagazo y electricidad renovable en Honduras

El bagazo es la biomasa para producir electricidad de más importancia en América Latina hasta ahora. Ejemplo en Honduras. DalinYebo's insight: adds value to bagasse prior to it being burnt. For smaller mills, offers a smart and innovative approach for a combined heat and power solution. See on via - Furfural and…Read more Biomasa, bagazo y electricidad renovable en Honduras

About Sugarcane, Co-generation (.. and beyond?)

Beyond electricity: There is big potential for the (South) African sugarcane industry ... (in our humble opinion, of course) Picture: THINKSTOCK THE South African sugar industry has potential to contribute at least a 1,000MW to the national grid if the government were to move fast in passing enabling legislation, with Eskom agreeing to buy at…Read more About Sugarcane, Co-generation (.. and beyond?)