Research Success Story about EnzOx2 (Image:

The EnzOx2 Project is a Research & Innovation Action funded by the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking, …

… a Public-Private Partnership between the EU (under H2020 framework programme) and the Bio-based Industries Consortium. Twelve participants from five European countries will join efforts for the sustainable production of chemical building blocks and other added value products from plant biomass using enzymatic technologies.

Europe is determined to positively transform its chemical production by replacing oil based for innovative bio based production methods. Now, with funding from the Biobased Industries Joint Undertaking under Horizon 2020, the EnzOx2 (Enzymatic Oxidation/Oxyfunctionalization) project aims to develop technologies to make high performance plastics from plant biomass waste. Twelve participants from five European countries have joined the consortium, including AVA Biochem in Basel

Read this research success story about EnzOx2, which was published in EUResearch, the Swiss guide to European research & innovation:



Plastics from sugar: the end to petrochemicals? was originally published on Bioeconomy Consultants : Innovative Minds




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