Furfural Residues

Comment: There is only a limited amount of residue left after furfural production. Most of it is consumed by the plant’s boilers to generate the steam for the furfural process. DalinYebo has developed techniques and applies modern, proven technology to reduce steam usage. The direct benefits are:

  • Reduced effluent (liquid and airborne)
  • Lignocellulosic residue available for other uses (See below or CLICK HERE to learn more about DalinYebo’s activities)

Research Progress on Furfural Residues Recycling: A Literature Review (2010)

Dai, Chun’ai; Liu, Bo; Girisuta, B.; Heeres, H.J.

Millions of tons of furfural residues from the furfural industry are produced every year in China. Proper recycling of these residues is highly desirable as it may reduce associated environmental problems and increase the economic viability of the furfural industry. Research progress on furfural residues recycling is reviewed. The residues have high potential for agricultural applications such as organic fertilizers, soil conditioners, artificial soil and culture media, as well as for the production of activated carbon, bioenergy, and for biobased chemicals such as ethanol.

Download this file

Furfural Residues from DalinYebo.com: Bioeconomy Consultants : Innovative Minds





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